Business Analysts and Manager
Makenzie Financial and
Canada Life

 "I have worked with Gerrie Caudle and Associates on several requirements elicitation training programs. Gerrie is a very skilled requirements facilitator, trainer, and coach.  GCA’s requirements elicitation process is very user friendly, detailed, and easy to deploy.  Without exception, every trainee has loved the training, and has begged for more.  Most importantly, our end user community has fully embraced GCA’s requirements elicitation process and found the process to be extremely effective."

Senior Process Engineer
IT Process Management
Blue Shield of California



"Our team of business experts worked with Gerrie Caudle and her team to elicit the business requirements for our Distribution Management System.

Gerrie demonstrated tremendous skill at facilitating our process to gather business requirements. She was able to keep our large group on topic and moving forward throughout the process which allowed us to maximize the input from our end users (as well as their eventual buy-in to the solution).

Gerrie and her team made it much easier for us to reach consensus on issues where there were many different points of view, and we completed an extensive business requirements document in a very short time. Her approach to the requirements elicitation process is very user friendly, detailed, and easy to follow.

I highly recommend Gerrie Caudle and her XCellR8 approach on any project that is missing business requirements, or requiring use case documentation. Her approach to training and mentoring business analysts on eliciting business requirements is endorsed by IIBA, and is extremely effective."

Transcontinental Printing
IT Projects Manager



"I have worked with Gerrie Caudle and Associates on several requirements elicitation training programs.  Gerrie is a very skilled requirements facilitator, trainer, and coach and has facilitated requirements sessions for our projects at a much faster pace than we would have done ourselves.  GCA's requirements elicitation process is very user friendly, detailed, and easy to deploy.  Most importantly, our experience has been very positive and we have found the process to be extremely effective

PMO and Quality Manager



"Gerrie Caudle (and her team) does in a week what it takes us a month to do."

Information Technology Services
American Airlines



"Great class! Very methodical and organized approach with excellent quality checks."




"…. I want to thank you for the wonderful training experience! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anyone with your combination of energy, intelligence, knowledge, presence, and style! It was inspirational! I was extremely impressed by the content of the training…"

Blue Shield of California



"This was an eye-opener for me. I’m wondering how I completed my job before. The information is relevant, easy to understand and I’m able to use it right away. It prevents the spin that many of us experience on our project…. Thank you very much."

London Life Insurance



"I found the course very useful. It answered perfectly many questions I kept looking to find answers for in the last months. Practically, every topic was a line on my list of subjects of immediate interest."

London Life Insurance



"Our business requirements elicitation process was in a shambles. It took forever to get applications into production. And they frequently had missing functions and omissions causing endless revisions.

We were faced with a complete rewrite of our proprietary business application which was created over a 10 year period with very little documentation.

We contracted Gerrie to facilitate a requirements definition workshop. We gathered a room full of subject matter experts and in 8 weeks were able to document the entire application from soup to nuts.

We could have never done this without her innovative elicitation methods and her expert facilitation.

Thanks Gerrie!"

Traverse City, MI



"Gerrie Caudle was the business requirements analyst when we implemented the Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) Project during 2001-2003. We worked with her, who elicited and documented the business requirements from all the subject matter experts in all the divisions impacted by the ISC Project, such as, Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics, etc. to make sure that the ERP solution is a good fit.

Gerrie Caudle was a pleasure to work with. She was very professional, and the methodology that she used to gather and analyze the business requirements was very effective."


Vice President,
Huawei Technologies

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