Gerrie Caudle & Associates is an IIBA-endorsed education provider for training business analysts on eliciting business requirements. Our course teaches a practical way of gathering your business requirements in a structured, fast, and disciplined manner. Our trainers don’t just train; they actually do (requirements elicitation).


  • Elicitation and Documentation of Business Requirements

Whether you need to have your requirements completed fast, or you do not have the resources to do it, we are here to help you.


  • Audit of Business Requirements for Completion

Standish Group studies show that requirements-related factors account for over 50% of the reasons why projects fail.

If the business requirements phase of a project starts off on the wrong foot, or goes off the tracks, it is extremely difficult to keep future stages of the project on time or on budget.

Gerrie Caudle & Associates brings an approach to fixing broken requirements for projects.

Using our completeness testing approach, our team systematically reviews project documentation to identify missing content. We help your project team identify issues and risks associated with missing content. We help your team develop a strategy focused on gathering the missing information for those areas which pose the greatest risks.

There are options available:

  • force-fit a "bad" set of business requirements and expect to spend 2 or 3 times as much to complete a project;
  • forego the requirements
  • audit the requirements for completeness and focus on areas where the potential for disaster exists.

Which one would you rather do?


  • Scoping and Estimating a Project

Having difficulty getting a complete project definition, project scope, charter, and vision?

We help companies to precisely identify what stakeholders are looking to accomplish with this new system. We do this for large companies where the scope is unclear, and in complex environments such as:

  • Flight operations for a global airline:
  • Distribution Management system for a North American printing company: Jump starting the project by organizing the stakeholders and preparing for a full requirements definition.
  • Supply Chain Project for a global telecommunications company: Investigate the business requirements to support chosen software.
  • Claims management system for a major insurance company: to accelerate the project plan.

In a complex project that could take months to scope, we can help clients within days.

Gerrie Caudle & Associates assists management and project teams in determining the initial scope and size of a project. Our team of skilled and extremely experienced facilitators can assist with the development of the project definition, project scope, and project vision. At the completion of a scoping exercise, project teams have a better picture of resource scheduling, project estimates, issues, risk assessment, business areas impacted by the project, and what next steps to take.Crystallizing the common vision amongst stakeholders on scope.

  • Decomposition of Business Requirements into Functional Specifications

Gerrie Caudle & Associates helps the project team to transition the business requirements into a format that developers can understand, in a clear, concise format. This format may be Use Cases, or any other format that the client company uses as a standard.


  • Gap analysis between As-Is and To-Be

Gerrie Caudle & Associates assists management and project teams in identifying the gaps that exist between the current environment (As-is) and the vision of the future (To-be). This helps in planning and budgetting for enhancements to existing systems, or in customizations that may be required of a package software.


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