Who We Are


Our team works with some of the world's largest companies in eliciting and documenting business requirements. We travel all over the world whenever and wherever our expertise is required.

We come in when the client's internal resources either do not have the time or the skills to gather the business requirements from their end users. Regardless of the size of the organization, analyzing and documenting business requirements almost always presents a challenge that seems to be insurmountable.

Whatever the project may be, whatever the industry may be, our team elicits, analyzes, and documents the business requirements in a fast, disciplined, and structured manner. Our approach to performing these activities allows us to determine at an early stage where the scope creeps might be, and more importantly, allows us to determine the completeness of the business requirements.

For those clients whose mandate is to educate and empower their own internal business analysts into learning and implementing an innovative approach, we provide such a course, called XCellR8™.



About the Founder


Gerrie Caudle, PMP is the founder and principal of Gerrie Caudle & Associates (a division of Toshmar Systems Consulting Inc.), an international consulting and training firm that specializes in business requirements gathering and process re-engineering. She began her career as a programmer for a major retailer in the early 1970s. Her work experience has developed through assignments in Canada, US, UK, Germany, and Asia. Gerrie's specialization is cross industry having carried out assignments within government, financial services, transportation, resource, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and communication. With over 25 years and hundreds of business requirements definition engagements under her belt, her company's practice is world-class. Gerrie Caudle and her team has facilitated sessions in many industries and applications and has built up an impressive roster of clients and accomplishments

Gerrie is highly regarded professionally by many companies. Her ability to translate complex business operations into simple manageable terms never ceases to amaze those who have seen her facilitate business requirements gathering sessions. Her areas of specialization are: business requirements definition and analysis, client training and mentoring, package and custom software evaluation, functional analysis and design, IT planning and assessment.

Gerrie Caudle is the author of the book entitled "Streamlining Business Requirements", published in 2009 by Management Concepts. She has been a guest speaker with many professional associations. For a period of 4 years (1985 - 1989), Gerrie Caudle was the Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Women Business Owners, an organization that helped every member expand their business. She was also a contributing member of the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA) and was instrumental in drafting the first Body of Knowledge (BABOK) on Gathering Business requirements. Her training course, XCellR8™ is endorsed by IIBA.  Gerrie may be reached by email at gcaudle@GerrieCaudleAssociates.com.

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